Adjustments to Make When You Are Called Up for Service

Members of the military find they have numerous tasks to deal with when they are called up for service. Going overseas typically isn’t something a person can do overnight, as there are multiple tasks to be handled. Often, in the rush to get everything done, military families forget to cancel or suspend service for the deployed member. Don’t make this mistake, as a great deal of money can be saved by those who take this simple step. Following are some things to cancel or suspend at this time.

Cell Phone Service

When an active member of the military is called for service, many cell phone providers allow them to suspend service for a period of time. There is typically no fee for doing so, as the provider understands they are preparing to serve their country. Learn how long this suspension will be in place and what features will be retained during this time. Many allow the service to be suspended for up to 18 months and provide the military personnel with his or her phone number and rate plan when they return.

Auto Insurance

Contact the auto insurance provider to discuss changes to be made to the policy. The coverage requirements differ by state, with some states requiring coverage be maintained on any vehicle that is registered. In this situation, be sure to drop the coverage limits to the bare minimum required by state. As the car won’t be driven, there is no concern that this can lead to a high bill in the event of an accident.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Build up a savings fund for the spouse left behind. When one spouse typically handles certain tasks, such as oil changes on a car or fixing minor things around the home, and is then deployed, money may need to be spent to have a third party provider complete these tasks. Make certain the spouse has the funds in this situation by preparing ahead.

Learn more about how to handle personal finances in a military family by visiting Serving your country is a noble task, yet you also need to ensure you protect yourself. With these tips, individuals find they remain protected while on their tour of duty and their family is kept safe also.

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