Discussing Drug Penalties In North Carolina

In North Carolina, defendants who are found in possession of controlled substances will face criminal charges. If they are found in possession of a large quantity of these substances, their charges could be increased to trafficking or distribution. The following is a discussion about drug penalties in North Carolina.

What are the Drug Classifications in North Carolina?

Currently, the drug classifications in North Carolina begin with Schedule I which includes heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. Schedule II drugs include cocaine, meth, and amphetamines. Schedule III substances include certain depressants and steroids. Schedule IV substances include Xanax and prescription sedatives. Schedule V substances include codeine. Schedule VI is the classification for marijuana.

What are the Potential Sentences for These Drugs?

A class 1 felony charge involving Schedule I substances can lead to a three to an eight-month prison sentence. Any class 1 misdemeanor involving a Schedule II through IV drugs equates to six months to one year in county lockup. A Schedule V class 2 misdemeanor equates to a jail sentence of thirty days or up to six months. A Schedule IV class 3 misdemeanor equates to a thirty-day jail sentence.

Are There Deals Available for First Time Offenders?

Yes, the state may provide a deal for first-time offenders. The requirements for these deals include no previous criminal record and a small quantity of the controlled substance. In most cases, the state will require the defendant to enter into a drug abuse treatment program.

Are There Ways to Fight These Charges?

Yes, the defendant could fight the charges based on knowledge of the drugs. If they were unaware that the drugs were inside their property, they could use this defense. However, they would need to prove who the drugs belong to and how they came into possession of these controlled substances.

In North Carolina, defendants face drug charges when they are arrested for possession or distribution. These offenses are based on the total quantity of the drug that was found in their possession. If they were caught attempting to sell the drugs, they could face additional charges. Defendants who were charged with a drug offense visit http://www.powersmccartan.com for more info now.

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