Understanding More About The No Win No Fee Compensation

A society in which everything is commercialized is nothing better than rot. In fact, there is no better way to describe or explain corruption rather that the purchase of freedom, satisfaction and justice. In the recent past, “justice” was reserved for the wealthy. It is pitiable when a case comes with both parties having close to equal amounts of wealth. Seemingly, the justice would never be served. Fortunately, the no win no fee compensation has ensured that justice and fairness had its meaning restored. The sanity of our courts and their roles were equally reinstated.

The policy in 2013

17 years after individuals enjoyed the no win no fee compensation policy, it went through a couple of changes in 2013. Did the changes improve the policy to promote justice or did they come to deny justice from being served once more?

There was the thought of the no win no fee compensation culture becoming uncontrollable back in 2008. Statistics revealed the slow and steady rise in the number of claims being reported. The media played its part that reflected of a litigious society. Hence, several organizations and public bodies felt the threat of being sued leading the state to make adjustments on the policy.

Several bodies were made to carry out researches and make their recommendations. It is unfortunate that the entire state overlooked the exact problem and bought the thoughts of the people. Hence, even when the researches were being conducted, it was certain that changes would be made. This happened in 2013.

When the new changes were made, the policy took a new turn. Therefore, whenever you make a claim and win, you will not be expected to pay any legal fees. Nonetheless, you may have to pay at most 25% of your compensation to your lawyer. The amount is known as a conditional fee arrangement. It follows that you will not have to pay any fees when you pursue your claim but you will meet the costs of the success fee.

On the other hand, you could make a claim and lose. Similarly, the initial fee for filing the claim will not be charged. Instead, you will have to pay for the amounts that will be demanded for by the send party. Fortunately, the insurance company that was called when the process began will take care of paying the compensation. As a result, you will be free from paying the substantial fee. Also, you will receive no compensation because it is obvious you will have lost in the claim.

With the no win no fee compensation policy, anyone can make claims and be sure to have justice. Additionally no one loses anything. Rather, the winning party will be compensated. Therefore, you should not be afraid of making claims anymore.

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